Do you remember how it felt?

Do you remember how it felt when you found a lovely surprise in your mailbox and your heart skipped a beat? That warm, fuzzy feeling that only this unexpected gift could bring?

That's the power of sending a letter or card. It's like leaving a sticky note on someone's heart. And it has never been more valuable than in a time where thousands of instant messages bombard us each day. They are swiped away and forgotten in seconds. Your handwritten words however will stick. :) I rediscovered the power of little things and gestures, and so can you!

Little things make all the difference!

Lykkefund translates into “lucky find” or "lucky background" and is the name of an old climbing rose from Denmark. My mission is simple; capturing little things and moments on paper for us to connect in more meaningful ways. I hope that my hand-illustrated designs inspire you to share your thoughts with your loved ones and send an extra special gift.

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