Illustrator Daniela Karin Raffl, Zurich, award-winning illustrator,
Welcome to Lykkefund Paper – the Zurich based greeting card store, created to inspire, uplift and enchant.

Hi, I am Daniela-Karin, the maker behind all the illustrations you see here at Lykkefund Paper.
I’m also the one that’s packing your orders, replying to your emails, taking photos, and whatever else you can think of, that’s me!

My particular journey as a small business owner started a few years ago when I decided to turn my lifelong passion for drawing into my profession.
At that time, I discoverd a news article about people feeling depressed when opening their mailboxes because all they ever find in them are bills.
It was when the first spark flickered up, which later turned into Lykkefund Paper, my little illustration studio specializing in greeting cards and small prints to uplift, connect and ispire people.
One might think writing greeting cards is old-fashioned in our digital world, but when you think about how many clips and snaps bombard us everyday, a greeting card in your own hand feels just right.

Thank you for being here, and if you want to take a look behind the scenes of @lykkefundpaper follow us on Instagram, and dont forget to sign up for our newsletter.