Illustrator Daniela Karin Raffl, Zurich, award-winning illustrator,
Welcome to Lykkefund Paper – the Zurich based greeting card store, created to inspire, uplift and enchant.

I am Daniela-Karin, the founder of Lykkefund Paper. I started my career as a graphic designer and illustrator and with my love for all the beautiful papery things I knew that I needed to do more. What exactly? Well, all that you can see here: Creating lovely greeting cards, posters, and more for you!

Our mission at Lykkefund Paper is simple: We are here to connect people more often and in a more meaningful way. And a perfect way to do this is with a little gift, such as a beautiful hand-written greeting card!

I design all of my collections to be eco-friendly, plastic-free, and using high-quality paper goods.
My designs are based on my hand-illustrated drawings and each carries a sentiment created to inspire and deliver a smile.

I would love to share my designs with you and your loved ones and if you want to find out more visit our Instagram to see behind the scenes of @lykkefundpaper

Thank you, have fun browsing our site!
Daniela Karin