Welcome to Lykkefund – the Zurich based greeting card store, created to inspire, uplift and enchant.

Hi, I am Daniela- Karin, the founder of Lykkefund Paper. I started my career as a graphic designer and illustrator and with my love of illustrating I knew that I needed to do more.

Before coming to Zurich I studied philosophy, film and media in Vienna, and this has inspired my creative work ever since. 

Our mission at Lykkefund is to connect people with each other more often and in a more meaningful way. There are so many opportunities to go back to pen and paper and that’s where we come in!

I designed my collections to be eco-friendly, plastic-free and using high quality paper goods to suit the sophisticated consumers.   
My designs are based on my hand illustrated drawings and each carry a sentiment and memories created to inspire you to connect with your loved ones.

I ensure that we take particular care regarding sustainable printing methods, recycled paper, and packaging materials and this is something I am very proud of. 

I would love to share my designs with you and your loved ones and if you want to find out more visit our Instagram to see behind the scenes @ lykkefundpaper 

Thank you!